Year-End Video Summaries

May 2, 2013 by

The Year-End Video Project idea is for those who are experienced allowing their students to use mobile technology, for those who are curious about student BYOD use, and for those who are scared to death to allow devices in the classroom.  I have spoken about the idea of year-end videos in my seminars before and I feel it is worth repeating now that the year-end is upon us.

Google’s Zeitgeist Videos (2012, 2011, 2010) are always fascinating and emotion-provoking as they take the most “Googled” images from the prior year and put them to music as a year-review.  I encourage you to consider having your students do the same thing.  If the students have been taking video or pictures in your class all year, you can have them make it class-specific.  If not, have them do a “Year in the life of…” by taking all their images and videos and setting it to music they choose (instruct them to make the music appropriate and then TRUST them to do it).

These can be really powerful for students to keep throughout the years.  In addition, if the videos are class-specific, you can use them as an intro to your class the next year.  A good situation for everyone and a really interesting way to see what the students have remembered from your class.  Good luck!

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