World Atlas

May 14, 2014 by

World Atlas by National Geographic appThe World Atlas app by National Geographic is a great tool for students to get to know the world they live in.   World Atlas has a spinning 3D globe that students can place pins in to mark areas they are studying or places they want to go.  This app also has up-to-the-minute weather and currency conversion rates.  Students can find information on every country including the flag, the capital, the demographics and the soci0-economic data.  The World Atlas app is a great tool for studying geography, countries, economics, current events and much more.


Make it Mobile: Students could use this app to plan a trip where they are expected to travel to a certain number of locations to gather information but on a limited budget.  Students can plan the route, lodging, transportation, and currency exchange.  This would be a great way for students to be creative and collaborate with a team of travel companions.

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