Wix for Class Websites

Oct 11, 2016 by

wix_logoWix is a website creation tool that requires no design experience to create a beautiful, professional looking website.  See my professional website created through wix here:  www.drzacharywalker.com.  Users can pick a template and drag and drop elements and content.  Wix has everything you need to design your perfect website with the Add element menu.  Users can upload their own documents, photos, audio, and video as well with drag and drop dialog box.  Users can also add a blog with the click of a button, making it very easy to communicate with your audience.  Wix also makes it easy for users to change their mind about their elements with the undo button and by making editing so simple.  No need to worry about mobile viewers, Wix has a special editor to help you make sure that your website looks great on any device.  Another use for Wix is to have your students create ePortfolios to make their learning visible.  Since the user age is 18, you may have to create accounts for them.  I do this every semester and it is a great learning exercise.


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