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Welcome Back!  I know that many of you have already been in the classroom for a couple of weeks but others are just starting this week so I want to wish everyone a great beginning to the year.  I hope we challenge ourselves and our students to be better this year than ever before- to take risks, to smile and laugh, and to use every tool available to us.  So many great things to do- I hope we take advantage of all of the funds of knowledge in our classrooms.

I had a great summer working, researching, and traveling in both the U.S. and Asia.  The Vegas Seminar was filled with learning and fun- I got to meet so many great educators from around the country.  So many people are doing exciting work.

Here are a couple of administrative things heading into the year:

First, we will still be doing Teacher Success Stories each Monday.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me your stories from the classroom.  This blog doesn’t work without each of your contributions.  What are your successes, failures, etc. when using new technology?  It is so helpful for other teachers to share our own lessons about implementing technology.  Again, please share your lessons!

Second, you can follow me on Twitter using the hashtag @lastbackpack.  If you aren’t on Twitter yet, sign up today.  This is where the best PD happens- such a unique learning platform for educators.

Third, I have released my open speaking schedule for 2013-2014 here.  I hope to see you all at some point this school year.  In addition, I will be working with many schools and school districts so I look forward to seeing some of you on your “home turf”.

Fourth, here is my 20 minute 5 Questions Keynote from the summer.  I know many of you have seen it already but, if not, here are some questions for you to consider heading into the new school year.  Please feel free to share.

I look forward to a great school year and hearing from you,


Me and my Burmese friend, Toulo.  (I am the one on the right.)


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