We were hacked!

Mar 29, 2017 by

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the long delay in posting- we were hacked by someone apparently looking for great educational resources and information!  Haha!  Anyway, with the tremendous help of GoDaddy, we were finally able to get to the bottom of it and put in additional security measures for the future.

**Side note:  GoDaddy’s service team continues to be the best I have ever encountered.  They are reasonably priced, wait times are short to non-existent, they spend as much time as needed with you, and for those not as tech-savvy, they are encouraging in the process.  I have been with GoDaddy working on various sites for 5+ years now and I constantly appreciate the help they provide.

With LBP, we will be working through some reorganization issues here and making sure that there aren’t any further small hacks/problems that we need to address.  We will do our best to start posting content again soon.

Thanks for your patience and stay crazy in that classroom!


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  1. Mary Ann Keiser

    Oh, Zachary, that’s too bad. I am glad everything is settled and back in order.

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