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UntitledWaze is a “community-based mapping, traffic & navigation app.”  Waze boasts community-generated maps and real-time traffic.   When driving around with Waze open, people contribute tons of real-time traffic & road info to your local driving community.   In addition, drivers can find the cheapest gas station along your route with community-shared fuel prices.

While there are definitely some applications of using Waze in class, this app can also be very good for teachers and students involved in extracurricular activities.  I remember many times coordinating rides with parents, loading all the students up, leaving school early, and taking students to a game or other extracurricular activity.  There were times we would run into traffic and be late anyway.  I encourage you to look at Waze as you plan routes to games, schools, etc. as it does provide real-time information that can be helpful.

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