Walker’s Ramblings To Start the Year

Aug 31, 2015 by

About four years ago, my father embraced Facebook much to my simultaneous applause and chagrin.  He now has a very active Facebook presence and only rarely embarrasses my Mom or me.  One of the things he does weekly on FB is a ‘Walker’s Ramblings’ about all kinds of things- faith, society, media, etc.

My father served in the military, worked in business for most of his adult life, and twelve years ago became a special education aide at the school where I was teaching at that time.  One of my greatest experiences was a year of coaching freshman basketball with my Dad as my assistant coach.  He has been a wonderful example of how to be an effective aide and leader in the school.  He enjoys working with the kids- gets disappointed in them, cheers with them, gets frustrated at them, and becomes proud of them all over again.  He posted this short but sweet “rambling” at the end of last school year on his Facebook account.  It is a great reminder of why he was and is a great teacher in his own right.  I hope we can all keep this in mind this coming year and help our students understand it as well.

“I wish that instead of answers I could supply desire. I wish that instead of smarts I could offer wisdom. I wish that instead of “showing cool” I could help to “showing care.” I wish that instead of wanting a great car, I could long for a huge heart. I wish that instead of finding all this out now, I would have practiced it earlier in life. I have found out that “I” is not nearly as wonderful as “We.”

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  1. Mary Ann Keiser

    I love this rambling. Wonderful words as we begin a new school year. I especially love the first sentence.

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