Voxer Classroom Idea

Nov 29, 2016 by

Last year we featured Voxer on the blog and here is a great way that you can use it in your classroom.

Mr. Glasner uses Voxer in his 5th grade classroom to keep parents in the loop. He has found that his notes home to parents frequently get left at school, lost, or die crumpled up in the bottom of the backpack. Mr. Glasner also knows that many of his students live in two income homes with both parents working hard to make ends meet. He has found that he can use a Voxer group to quickly send out updates about class activities, homework, exams and more that every parent can listen to whenever they have time. Voxer messages reduce the need for busy parents to contact him in search of the information on the note that never made it home. Mr. Glasner also uses Voxer to send quick messages to parents about great things that students do during the day. He has found that his parents are grateful to hear the positive and his students behavior has improved as they work to earn a message home.

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