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Tweetdeck sampleTweetdeck is a great tool whether you are brand new to Twitter or a Tweeting pro.  You can use as many or as few of the features to simplify how you navigate the Twittersphere.   Tweetdeck is a tool that you can use in any browser or as a Chrome extension.  It allows you to keep up with your timeline, mentions, and direct messages in customizable columns that you can place in any order that makes sense.  Tweetdeck also allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts to your columns.  Looking for information? Create a custom column with a #hashag search.  Tweetdeck is an easy way to follow Tweetchats, follow conference news and events, or just keep track of topics that you are interested in. Tweetdeck also allows you to create lists of Twitter colleagues and collections of Tweets to further organize and save your professional learning or student content.  Tweetdeck also allows you to schedule tweets for future dates and times which is a great tool for communicating important date-sensitive information to parents, students, and colleagues.  If you are new to Twitter and find all of the information a little overwhelming, Tweetdeck can help you organize and simplify your view so you don’t miss anything and you can easily share with your Tweeps.

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