Tuesday Success Story: 5th Grade Tweeters

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This week’s Success Story comes from Michael, a fifth grade teacher who got really creative with the use of Social Media.   I love this story- here is the original email from Michael:

“I made you a promise that I would be emailing you, and I do have some wonderful info to share!  Wednesday afternoon I gave my students a paper Twitter template and asked them to create a Tweet based off of a chapter in a novel they read the previous day.  It was one of the most enjoyable moments of the year for me without a doubt!!  I had a lot of my top students really really struggling with this concept but in the end the finished product was amazing.  Once they got the hang of the idea and started to understand the benefits and concepts behind it they really enjoyed it.

The only background knowledge that I gave to my students was the basics of Twitter. The idea behind the 140 characters and that spaces and periods count.  At first they were really hesitant to pick up on the idea and they didn’t really want to participate.  I then talked to them for a few minutes about the fact that if they can summarize the chapter they read into 140 characters then they really have an excellent understanding of the material they read.  A few of them got really excited at that point and were ready to jump right in.  While walking around the room during their work time, I felt quite a few emotions and thoughts going through my head.  It was pretty funny to me how focused and how many drafts they would have on their desks just so they count get their Tweet under 140 characters.

I was surprised that some of my “A” students were really struggling with the concept as they tried to get their summary so perfect and not leave anything out!  Below are 4 pictures of student samples and I think they all really show something different and unique that my students did.  One of them is right at 140 characters and had a wonderful summary. Another one of my students was unsure of their character count so they have a few addition and subtraction problems on their paper.  One of my students put a dot or a circle underneath each character to help with their count.  The first one (and probably my favorite) had one of my students include a hashtag in their Tweet!!! The funniest thing about the whole assignment to me is that NONE of my fifth-grade students have actual Twitter accounts and they were still able to quickly pick up on the idea and even include things like a hashtag just because they have heard of such a thing from someone.  I absolutely love the whole Twitter concept and will definitely be using it on a weekly basis!


Student twitter example 4

Twitter Sample 1
Student twitter example 2

Twitter sample 3




Thank you, Michael for sharing this great Social Media project!!

Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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