Today: Edmodocon Virtual Conference

Aug 6, 2014 by

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 August 6 at 7:00 AM

Edmodo is a great free tool for social learning.  This web-based program is customizable for your your students and easy to use. Educators all over the world are using Edmodo to do great things in their classrooms to improve the learning experience for students.  One of these is Kyle Kline, a math teacher, who started using Edmodo when his school went 1:1. He has been kind enough to share his Edmodo successes with me so that I can share them with you.  Kyle is just one of thousands who are using Edmodo in their classrooms.  You can join these educator’s at Edmodocon, a completely online conference, whether you have never used Edmodo and want to learn, are brand new to Edmodo, or have lots of experience to share.

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