The Week of Searching

Dec 3, 2012 by

This week we are going to highlight some of our favorite tools for teaching our students to search and some of our favorite search engines.  As you know, there is a difference between lessons that focus on thinking and those that focus on finding.  I believe teachers need to focus on the process of thinking as much as the product of what was found.  While I love Google (and all the teaching tools Google provides) I think it is important that we are also aware of many of the other great search engines out there.  So this week we will focus on searching and some great tools to do it.   First up, Google and the Search Education Curriculum:





Google’s Search Education page is filled with ideas on how to teach students to search.  Here is the description directly from their website:

“Web search can be a remarkable tool for students, and a bit of instruction in how to search for academic sources will help your students become critical thinkers and independent learners.  With the materials on this site, you can help your students become skilled searchers- whether they’re just starting out with search, or ready for more advanced training.”

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