The Week of Searching: Search ReSearch

Dec 4, 2012 by




SearchReSearch is a great blog by Daniel Russell that focuses on the skills needed to do good research AND provides search challenges for students.  This week we are focusing on searching and I think this site is an interesting way to help students refine their searching skills.  Daniel is an extraordinary resource for all things searching.

Make It Mobile:  Since class time is so valuable, could you have students do the search challenges found on this site for homework or extra credit?  You could also make it a mobile race with the first five students who e-mail you what they find (or where they find it) getting extra credit.  Better yet, you could have the students create their own search challenges for the rest of the class.  You could collect these challenges and add them to your own resource library for future semesters (Who works hardest in your classroom?).

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