The Week of Searching: Qwiki

Dec 6, 2012 by





Qwiki is one of my favorite search engines because it provides a great place for students to receive multi-sensory inputs.  If a students who has trouble reading goes to Google and searches for a term, what will they see?  Sponsored links and then more links that are usually text heavy.  Qwiki provides basic information about their search term by showing images, text, and reading the information aloud so students have both auditory and visual inputs.

Make It Mobile: I don’t know if this really qualifies as making it mobile but I think Qwiki can be a great first search tool.  Students can use Qwiki to access general information about a topic and then focus on whatever information they will find especially useful.  I highly encourage us all to introduce multiple search engines to our classes and force our students to use them.  Could you do a lesson where they had to use anything except Google or Wikipedia and they had to do screen shots in order to prove they had used other search engines?  As they find new search tools, you can add them to your digital library as well (Who works hardest in your classroom?).

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