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The States App is always a big hit with the teachers I work with because of  its simplicity and effectiveness.  A free app, The States is great for history classes, political science classes, and business classes (analyzing campaign marketing), and geography classes.

Make it Mobile: One new use for the app was suggested by Matt, a language arts teacher in Champaign, Illinois, whom I recently had the pleasure of working with at a seminar I conducted.  Matt suggested using The States to analyze particular characters from famous novels.  For example, if reading Huck Finn, it may be interesting to note that the story is set in the Midwest and was published in the U.S. 1885.  It may be engaging for students to look at the political breakdown of Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio as Huck travels along the Mississippi River.  Students will be able think more clearly about the story, the style of writing, the language, and the characters if they understand the background and political climate of the setting.  I love this idea and thank Matt for sharing.

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