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Oct 30, 2012 by

Mr. Robbo, the PE Geek, is a site that was recommended to me last year in Chicago by a PE teacher.  This site is packed FULL of mobile resources for PE teachers including an entire set of apps to be used in the health and physical education classroom.  As someone who started as a health teacher and is deeply concerned about U.S. children’s obesity rates and overall health, I find this site incredibly useful for teachers.

Make it Mobile: Kids need to be moving and too much P.E. class time is spent explaining techniques, rules, etc.  Teachers can create their own videos that students can watch outside of class to explain those things or use the PE Geek to find resources already available.  In short, students need to be MOVING, not sitting or watching, and using mobile devices to explain things outside of class can be incredibly beneficial for teachers and students.

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