Thanksgiving Teachable Moment

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These days Thanksgiving Day brings to mind turkey, stuffing, football, and movies followed by Black Friday shopping bargains.  Thanksgiving has a rich history that is full of teachable moments for all subjects.  The story of the first Thanksgiving feast has so many possibilities for learning.  After learning the story of the first Thanksgiving and reviewing Thanksgiving by the numbers students could work in groups to plan and organize “The Thanksgiving Feast.” This activity might include research into what foods are available in their local area to create a menu, planning the tasks of each group member to prepare the feast, and calculating just how much food they will need and how long it will take to prepare.  Students could conclude the activity with a reflection of the way they will experience Thanksgiving compared to the first Thanksgiving meal.

Make it Mobile: Students can use the Bon Appetit’ Manual app to plan their menu and The Food Planner app to determine what they need to hunt and gather for their three-day feast.

Don’t forget to have some fun with these entertaining facts about Thanksgiving throughout the years.

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