Autodesk Sketchbook for Art

Apr 27, 2016 by

AutodeskSketchbookAutodesk Sketchbook is a great app for users who want to paint or draw, regardless of their experience or skill.  The intuitive interface makes it easy for aspiring artists to start creating and learning any style they wish.  Users can select varying media to begin and can even import photos and add text.  The app has pressure sensitivity making it more realistic for artists.  Users can also add layers to their projects to add different elements and transformations.  Autodesk Sketchbook also has pro tools that can be added for accomplished artists or as young artists become more experienced.

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Repost: Easy YouTube Download for Creating Content

Dec 16, 2015 by

I recently found out about a great tool that makes it incredibly simple to download videos from YouTube. SaveFrom.Net is a free website that will allow you to download your video with a few simple steps.

Save from net

1- Navigate to the YouTube video that you want to use.

2- In the web browser address bar, type ss right after “www.” Save_from_web_URL

3- Hit Enter.

4- Click Download.

5- Select the link for your desired File Type.

6- Determine where you want to save the download.

That is all there is to it.  You can now use YouTube videos for instruction without worrying about Internet filtering or failure. also works on many other media resources. also has a helper extension so you can download YouTube videos in one click.



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Inkboard for Note taking

Sep 17, 2015 by

InkboardInkboard is a virtual sketchpad.  The app has tools such as crayons, markers, pens, highlighters, erasers and more.  Inkboard allows users to pull images from the camera roll and add annotations.  This is a great way for students to take notes on diagrams, slides, or images of content.  Inkboard will let you create on a blank canvas so that users can sketchnote.  If you aren’t sure what a sketchnote is, check out this description on Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything.  Inkboard is a very flexible tool for note taking and annotation.

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Ditty for Digital Storytelling

Sep 15, 2015 by

DittyDitty is a great way for students to create their own digital stories set to music that they like.  This iOS app allows users to take pictures and add text and set it to music.  Ditty also allows users to create stop motion video with a music track.  The Ditty can then be shared via email, messaging or social media.  Ditty has many songs on the playlist for users to choose from and to set their text to.  This is a great way for students to find concepts in their world, show evidence of learning by creating a video, or just be creative.  Ditty is also a great tool to create a lesson hook for students that is fun and novel.

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Sep 3, 2015 by

MovenoteMovenote is an Android app that allows users to record presentations including voice and video.  Movenote works seamlessly with Google Drive and other cloud storage services so that you can quickly and easily upload slides and add narration to create a lesson for your students from your mobile device.  Movenote will also allow users to add images and video directly from their mobile device.  Movenote is a great tool for creating lessons on the go or for students to create evidence of learning with their mobile device.

Make it Mobile: Students can use the Movenote app to show evidence of a concept out in the world during their daily life.  Some possibilities are geometric principles, stages of insect growth, and identifying plant types.  What could you do with Movenote?


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