Quizizz for Fun Assessments

Jan 17, 2017 by

quizizzQuizizz is a fun twist on learning. It is a multiplayer formative assessment tool. That’s right. . . a fun way to check for understanding, quiz, or assess your students. Create your multiple choice or true/false questions with text or images and you can even set different time frames for each question. Play your Quizizz live in class or assign it as homework. All students have to do is join and then they can view the questions and answer choices on their own screens. You get data on how your students are progressing as well as correct/incorrect data when everyone completes the activity. Add a little bit of fun competition to your classroom while getting in some sneaky learning.

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Instagram in the Classroom

Dec 15, 2016 by

Instagram is a great tool for teaching and learning that we featured a couple of years ago. Below is a great example of how you can use Instagram in your classroom.

Mrs. Dieker has her students take pictures in their community of the math concepts they are learning in geometry.  For example, her students take photos of angles and shapes around their urban homes.  They then have to caption those photos with the concept covered in class.  They also use class #hastags to identify certain themes (e.g. parallel lines intersecting). This exercise establishes relevance in class.

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Sway for Innovative Presentations

Dec 14, 2016 by

sway_splashSway is a unique tool for creating presentations with a twist. Add images, videos, interactive charts and even social media to make your presentation more descriptive and engaging.  Sway will provide suggested media based on the content in your presentation.  Forget the typical, boring themes and layouts that most presentation tools have, Sway gives you all kinds of unique backgrounds to support your content.  Sway is a great tool for presentations but it is also flexible so you can create newsletters, reports and digital stories too.  This is a great way for students to do some creative reports for science, history, literature, and even math.

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eduClipper for Visible Learning

Dec 7, 2016 by

educlippereduClipper is an easy curation tool that allows users to clip content from the web using a URL or embed code, Google Drive, Dropbox, or uploads from their computer. Clips can be added to boards which can then be shared with classes. Teachers can create groups and assign content to individuals or groups. Boards are collaborative so teachers can work with other teachers to develop lessons. Students can use eduClipper to create portfolios as evidence of mastery and these can be collaborative too. eduClipper also makes it easy to share your clips and boards with your favorite social media networks including Edmodo.

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Newsela for Reading

Nov 30, 2016 by

newselaNewsela is a great tool for students to practice reading in class or out of class because it is filled with articles that your students will find interesting no matter what they are into.  Newsela is great because of the content, but also because it offers five different lexile levels so that students of all reading levels can enjoy all of the articles. The best part is that students can change the lexile level on their own so no one else knows that they moved to a version that is less challenging or moved up to make it more challenging.  Another great feature of Newsela is that it has comprehension quizzes attached to many of the articles so you can check to see that your students are understanding what they are reading.  And, one last thing, many of the articles are available in English and in Spanish for students who are learning another language.

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