Fotor for Classroom Creativity

Nov 17, 2016 by

fotorFotor is an image editing tool and then some. Upload your images or grab them from cloud storage and get creative. Use the simple photo-editing tools to auto-enhance or touch up or get creative and make a collage. Fotor also has built-in effects, text, stickers, and frames and even tools to change the appearance of the content of the photo.  Students can go as far as their imaginations can take them with this photo-editing tool.  This is a great way for students to show what they have learned with a visual representation. 

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Thinglink for Presentations

Oct 26, 2016 by

thinglinkThinglink is an image blogging program that is fun and creative. Thinglink lets you create a blog out of hotspots on an image of your choice.  Thinglink lets users upload their own photos or grab photos from the web or import from Flickr.  Once you have your background, start adding the hotspot tags.  Your hotspots can contain text, images, videos and links to additional content about the topic. Combine these features to tell an engaging story and bring the web to life.  Thinglink is a great way to share your ideas or tell a story in a truly engaging way.

Some great ways to use Thinglink have been shared by readers.  Curtis uses Thinglink for students to explain Geometry concepts in paragraph form by creating hot links on the images.  Another teacher wrote in about using maps and images of the Holocaust for students to elaborate on what they have learned in History.

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Toontastic Classroom Example

Oct 20, 2016 by

toontastic Some time ago, we featured Toontastic, a really fun app for digital storytelling. Below is an example of how it can be used in the classroom.

Mr. Jordan’s 2nd grade students use Toontastic to tell stories about the life cycles of organisms that they learn about during science.  The students work in pairs to research the organism. Students first do research on their organism and then write a story about the life of the creature.  Mr. Jordan has a class Toontastic account and allows each student to work on their story using the five class iPads at the writing center.  Students are able to begin working on their story as soon as they start researching and thinking about life as that animal.  The project lasts six weeks and Mr. Jordan shares the stories with the parents after the Toontastic is complete.

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Vocaroo for Feedback

Oct 4, 2016 by

vocarooVocaroo is a simple, web-based recording tool that anyone can use. Press the record button to begin, press the stop button when you are done. Press the play button to hear your recording. Share your recording via email, social, media, QR code, or embed it in a web site. You can even download your file as an MP3 or .wav file. Vocaroo is a simple way to record audio and save it or share it.

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Comic Master for Digital Storytelling

Sep 28, 2016 by

comicmasterComic Master is a web-based tool that students can use to write short graphic novels.  They can design how the pages should look and add backgrounds and characters for their story.  A variety of speech bubbles and text fields make it fun to spin a tale.  Add props and special effects to round out the graphic novel and then you’re ready to publish or print.  Comic Master is a fun way for students to practice fictional writing, share their thoughts or feelings, or show evidence of content learning.

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