Symbaloo for Content Curation

Dec 6, 2016 by

We featured Symbaloo here on Last Backpack a few years ago when it was relatively new. Since then, Symbaloo has added several new features and even has a handy extension for Google Chrome that makes it even easier to add content to one of your Symbaloo web mixes. Check out this great idea for using Symbaloo in the classroom.

Mr. Brown is really grateful that he teaches in a district that recognizes the power of 1:1 technology use for all grade levels and he appreciates the investment in both instructional media and Chromebooks. However, Mr. Brown also knows that his 2nd grade students are still developing their reading and their keyboarding skills and sometimes, valuable instructional time is used to navigate to websites. So, Mr. Brown started using Symbaloo as the home page for his students’ browser. This way he can create a tile for all of the applications and websites that they use regularly and when he has a new site that he wants students to use, all he has to do is add it to his Symbaloo web mix and students are ready to go. Mr. Brown finds that students are on task more often now that they aren’t struggling to get where they need to be on the Internet.  

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