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Here are the breakout sessions for Vegas this summer if you are interested.  Hope to see you there!


Keynote:  The Keys to Successful Teaching with Technology in Today’s Secondary Classrooms – Zachary Walker

Embracing technology in today’s secondary classroom involves taking chances, moving outside of our comfort zones, and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable.  What are the key attitudes that lead to successful teaching with technology?  How can we use technology to promote active student involvement and meet the learning needs of today’s digitally savvy students?  What do our students need to see from us and what can we learn from them?

Blogs 101:  Create, Apply, Administer … and Benefit! – Rich Butler

Never used a blog in your classroom?  Learn how to create one of these powerful tools and use it immediately with your students.  This valuable session comes with a complete set of instructions for use on mobile devices along with some very cool instructional applications!

Help Kids Get the Picture:  Practical Strategies for Using Outstanding Digital Image Tools and Assessment Options in Secondary Content Areas – Joanne Troutner

Gather exciting ideas for using digital images in your classroom.  Options range from quick project ideas and writing prompts to critical thinking and questioning activities, plus many more.  Also get tips for organizing your images, assessing digital image projects, and finding valuable resources for gathering good images.  Here’s an excellent way to incorporate the vast range of thinking-related Common Core standards into your classroom.

What the Flip?  Using iPads and Mobile Devices to Flip Your Classroom – Zachary Walker

Interested in flipping your classroom but unsure how to do it?  Discover the best ways to get started and see how to create your own videos, use existing videos and find a wealth of resources to begin implementing this new technique that has potential to revolutionize – and positively impact – student learning.

Definitely the Most Bang for the Buck:  A Teacher’s Favorite Apps with the Fewest Headaches – Rich Butler

Here’s a session exclusively focused on tools for mobile devices that can be used quickly and easily, with an immediate positive impact on student learning.  See for yourself – amazing apps based on cost, ease of setup, accessibility, user friendliness, tech complexity, impact on student learning, and FUN!

Unleashing the Power of Technology Resource Curation to Help Teach Common Core Standards – Joanne Troutner

Learn about various tools, such as Symbaloo, QR codes, and Pearltree, for sharing your internet resources efficiently with students and parents.  Gather top ideas for having learners develop their own resource collections and discover proven strategies to assess these collections.  Help students practice skills needed for the PARCC and SBAC assessments.  Here’s how to tame that large list of bookmarks and favorites you have!

For Social Studies Teachers Only:  Part 1 – Zachary Walker

Here’s an exceptional 2-part chance for social studies teachers to take a look at dozens of apps and online resources – and practical strategies to use them in your own classroom.  This exciting, fast-paced Part 1 session will enable you to both receive and share the best ideas, resources, tips, and tools for using iPads and other mobile devices in your classroom.  Join this unique Professional Learning Network designed specifically to meet your needs.

Get in the Google and Drive:  Ideas from the Cloud for Running Your Classroom from Google Drive – Rich Butler

No more frustrating website maintenance.  No more searching for lost docs on the school server.  Here’s how to run your classroom from the web, communicate with students and parents, and make documents available – all with Google Drive.  Join Rich for this exciting, fast-paced session that will open new possibilities for saving you lots of time and energy.

 It’s Here:  Technology for Engaging ALL Students! – Zachary Walker

Unlock the power of using technology to make information available for all of your students.  This valuable session is brimming with features, apps and irresistible web resources that truly make content accessible for all learners, including ELL students and students with learning disabilities, ASD and severe emotional disabilities.

For English/LA Teachers Only: Part 1 – Joanne Troutner

Take advantage of this unique 2-part opportunity to gather myriad ideas for using a wide range of phenomenal apps just for English/LA teachers.  This first session offers a wide range of apps, from drill and skill to quick project ideas, writing prompts, critical thinking and questioning activities, digital story apps, and much, much more.  Develop a plan for using one of these tools to share with your colleagues tomorrow in Part 2.

Scaffolding Technology in the Classroom:  Essential Lessons for District Technology Departments – Rich Butler

Learn how one of the country’s most dynamic district technology teams has successfully integrated technology into the classroom.  Discover outstanding ideas and strategies that have a highly positive impact on teachers and student learning.  If you’re looking for proven ways to increase the use of technology in secondary classrooms, this session is filled with “tried and true” approaches that work!

Creating the Story to Enhance Learning:  Use Digital Story Tools to Bring Content Area Alive for Your Students – Joanne Troutner

Crafting digital stories is yet another way for your students to showcase and deepen their learning.  Explore a range of phenomenal tools available for mobile devices and gather practical assessment strategies that will save you time.  Tips for most efficiently handling the workflow of these creations are also included in this worthwhile, fast-paced session.

For Math and Science Teachers Only: Part 1 – Zachary Walker

This two-part opportunity is strictly for math and science teachers.  Zachary will share outstanding apps for iPads and other mobile devices, along with a wealth of online resources that are newly available to increase student involvement and achievement in math and science.  And the door will be open for you to begin sharing exciting lessons and instructional strategies that incorporate technology.

Proven Models and Creative Ways to Train Your Staff on Technology – Joanne Troutner

This fast-paced session will enable you to gather a wealth of tips for engaging adult learners and spicing up your technology professional development.  You’ll receive sample agendas for beginning iPad sessions as well as content creation sessions and you’ll leave with a number of ready-to-implement strategies, ideas and professional development techniques that work with iPads and other mobile devices.  Even better, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor these ideas to your own setting

Welcome to the UNconference Session – What Do You Want to Learn Today? – Zachary Walker

Want to talk about BYOD versus 1:1 initiatives?  What to do with reluctant tech colleagues and students?  Whatever tech topic – or question – is on your mind, this is the place to be!  At our own UNconference session, let’s discuss our questions and swap our strategies, ideas and lessons.  Anything goes!

Putting Tech in Its Place:  A Fresh Perspective on Integrating Technology into the Classroom – Rich Butler

Feeling flooded by all that’s available, yet lacking the time and funds to integrate more technology into your classroom?  Then you’ll appreciate hearing about the tips, trials and triumphs of using technology on a limited budget.  Ideas, ideas, ideas you’ll be glad you have!

The Future of Technology:  What’s Coming Next? – Zachary Walker

Are you feeling ahead of the game and confident about this mobile technology surge?  Then let’s look at where technology is headed.  What does the classroom of the future look like?  What are the next big things in technology?  Stay ahead of the curve in this eye-opening session as we think about learning in 3, 5, and even 10 years to come!

Thinking and Technology – They Do Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage! – Rich Butler

Given the rigor of the new Common Core standards and the emphasis on teaching students to think deeply, see how technology can be your best partner to focus, deepen and sharpen student thinking.  Discover ideas, tips and tools you’ll want to use immediately with your own students

For Social Studies Teachers Only:  Part 2 – Zachary Walker

Interested in leaving a session with dozens of teacher-friendly, ready-to-use lesson plans for your social studies classes?  This session involves sharing outstanding tech ideas with your colleagues and lesson plans that were put together in Part 1.  Yes, you get to share … and better yet, you’ll have a collection of valuable lessons and standout suggestions for using technology to boost student involvement and achievement in social studies!

The Ultimate File Share – Share Your Greatest Tech-Tooled Instruction with Like-Minded Digiheads – Rich Butler

This free-wheeling session will create a plethora of ideas for teachers to take back to their classrooms. Join Rich in creating a giant banquet table of instructional ideas that incorporate technology.  And then … we feast!  You’re bound to leave with many “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas you’ll want to use immediately.

For English/LA Teachers Only:  Part 2 – Joanne Troutner

In the first section of this continuing session, Joanne will help you explore some highly effective tech assessment ideas for student projects.  Then you’ll have a chance to share your own creative ideas for using the tech tools presented yesterday in Part 1.  You’ll leave this unique session with a rich collection of ideas – tailored to your needs – from your English/LA colleagues around the nation.

Using Technology to Create Powerful “Content Stories” that Dramatically Improve Learning – Rich Butler

Use the idea of instructional flow to create powerful stories that students can access – and create themselves – with various mobile applications.  See how Prezi, Webspiration and other applications can be used to create powerful “content stories” that will stick with students for years.  You’ll see an impressive impact on student learning by using this unique technique.

Try These!  Inventive, Exciting Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Secondary Classroom – Joanne Troutner

Learn practical ways to use these two-dimensional bar codes as a tool to engage your students.  Discover quick ways to create QR codes to share assignments, resources, and more.  Learn to develop test preparation activities, ways to showcase student projects and other exciting, practical ways to put QR to use in your classroom.  Here’s how to use some very active learning options with your mobile devices.

For Math and Science Teachers Only:  Part 2 – Zachary Walker

As part of his desire to meet your specific needs, Zachary has designed this two-part opportunity strictly for math and science teachers.  He will share outstanding apps for iPads and other mobile devices, along with a wealth of o-nline resources that are newly available to increase student involvement and achievement in math and science.  And the door will be open for you to begin sharing exciting lessons and instructional strategies that incorporate technology.  You’re invited to join your colleagues for two sessions specifically tailored to your needs.


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