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UntitledWhen working with teachers, one of the major concerns about allowing students to use mobile devices in class is their own ability to manage the classroom.  There are lots of strategies to help teachers with this (and I will continue to cover them in subsequent seminars and blog posts) but one of the best ways to manage the class is simple proximity control.  However, proximity control is hard if you are tethered to a device at the front of the classroom.  There are many ways to combat this but, in order to stick to my “one tool per day to not overwhelm any of us” theme, I will introduce only one of them today.

Splashtop is one of the many mobile interactive whiteboards that teachers are using in the classroom.  The best part of using a tool like Splashtop is that teachers can move around the classroom and manage the class while still teaching from their iPad.  This means that teachers can also have students interact with the content on the teacher’s iPad when not every student has a device.  Splashtop seems to be making a shift to focus more on the business sector than on the education sector- however, I would gently point out that this is exactly why we need to be using it in class.  If we are serious about preparing our students for postsecondary environments, we need to teach them on the resources they will be using in those environments.  You can try a free trial of Splashtop to see if you and/or your school is interested in using this resource.  Good luck!

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