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Spelltower is a fun app for students to play during that first five minutes of class or as a “time-occupier” that keeps students engaged in class content.  It does cost $1.99 but can be fun for students to play.


Wordflick Pro is one of the most popular apps I show teachers during seminars and professional developments.  Unfortunately, the app now costs $5.99 (it was free 5 months ag0).  The thing I like about Wordflick is the reliability and the chance to have students engage in personalized learning while playing.

While the apps focus on spelling, I think these examples (or any of the other multiple apps out there like them) can best be used to focus students in any topic.  For example, could you have students all play together in class with the game projected on a screen and students can only spell words associated with your particular topic or content area?

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