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Android App for Socrative for teachersSocrative is a great tool to help teachers pre-assess knowledge before a lesson or check for understanding during and after a lesson.  Socrative works on any web-enabled device and is available on Android or iOS.  The teacher app has options to prepare quizzes ahead of time or quick question assessments that are created on the fly.  The results of the Socrative assessment are available in the dashboard view and can be easily downloaded, exported, emailed or saved to Google Drive.  Teachers can use Socrative to easily create exit tickets for students following a lesson or activity.

Android Socrative StudentThe student version of the Socrative app also works on any web-enabled device and has Android and iOS versions for students to use to respond to the formative assessments created by the teacher.  Students don’t have to have accounts for Socrative, they can simply join the teacher’s class.

Socrative is a fun, easy way to check for understanding and gather formative assessment data and it even includes the Space Race game to engage students and keep learning fun.


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