Sixty Symbols for Science

Feb 14, 2013 by

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.  Since today is a day celebrating the chemistry (see what I did there?) between two people I thought we would look at one of my favorite sites about science symbols.  If you are not in love currently, come to Vegas this summer for our Mobile Learning Seminar and maybe love will await you even if in a temporary state…  Okay, enough of the cheesy jokes.  Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone.


Sixty Symbols is a site that has both videos all about science including physics, astronomy, and chemistry.  The breadth and depth of the information is quite impressive and is a fun site for students and teachers of all ages to explore.  Below is a fluffy video about “hearts in space” but there are many more serious demonstrations, lectures, and interesting tidbits about science.  I love this site.


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