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The Monday Success Story this week comes from a couple of teachers who consider a Learning Management System as “the hub” for student learning. Sarah and Lily both teach middle school students in 1:1 environments and they find that Haiku Learning Management System is essential for teaching their 21st Century learners.  Sarah stated that the LMS, “is a critical appendage to my physical classroom.”  Both teachers indicate that the LMS is central to providing resources, content, collaboration opportunities, and assignments, as well as helping students keep up to date with events and class activities.  Some of the many uses of the Learning Management System are shown below.

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LMS Announcement

Lily uses an announcement to let students know what procedures to follow when they have late work to make up putting the responsibility on the learner.  This information is always available for students to reference.

LMS Multimedia content

Haiku ContentSarah and Lily use the LMS to provide multimedia content to their students supporting the instruction and activities that are taking place in the face-to-face classroom.

Students are then able to return to the content as many times as necessary to support their learning.

Sarah and Lily both use Haiku LMS to post assignments for their students. Some assignments can be turned in via the Learning Management System and other are turned in traditionally. Students are encouraged to use a multitude of technology resources to complete the assignments.

LMS AssignmentIn the example from Lily’s class, students complete a journal entry and turn it in directly to the LMS making it easier for the students and the teacher to keep track of and for the teacher to grade.

LMS Performance TaskIn Sarah’s example, the students are given all of the details of the assignment which culminates in a presentation to their peers using technology as a support.


Learning Management Systems are a great way to provide students differentiated instruction, personalized learning, support, content for flipping classrooms, and much more.  The greatest advantage to using a Learning Management System is that learning materials are available to students online, when they need them, from an Internet connected device.  Often, this includes the mobile device that so many students are carrying in their pockets.

The remainder of this week will include information on some of the Learning Management Systems that are available to teachers for free.

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