Realtime Board for Planning

Oct 12, 2016 by

realtimeboardRealTimeBoard mixes whiteboarding, bulletin boards, and post-it notes to make the perfect planning tool.  The combination of these things makes it a great tool for team projects.  Users can add notes with ideas or notes to the team.  Choose a layout for timeline based planning or a storyboard format with beginning, middle, and end.  The very flexible canvas and the whiteboard toolkit make it easy for users to combine freehand drawings and notes with post-it notes to clearly define ideas during the brainstorming process.  The canvas moves and expands so you can move notes out of the way until you’re ready to work with that idea.  Users can easily leave comments for each other to clarify goals and timelines or just offer support.  RealTimeBoard is a multipurpose planning tool that can even be used to present ideas when the planning is done.

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