Quick Response (QR) Codes in the Classroom

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Getting Started with QR codes QR code

Quick Response (QR codes) have made their way into the mainstream.  We see them on business cards, store posters, shop windows and we are starting to see them in the classroom.  While Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming the new QR, there are still great uses for traditional QR codes in the classroom.

Most students are carrying their best learning tool (their phone) in their pocket and QR codes are the perfect way to direct them to the content they need.  There are three primary pieces required to use QR codes in the classroom; the content, the QR generator, and the QR code reader.

QR Stuff web site logo

QRStuff is a great code generator web site with lots of content options.

Android* and iOS * app stores have numerous QR code reading apps and a few of them will generate QR codes as well.  It is very likely that your students already have a QR reader on their device but I have also included a few that you might suggest if they don’t.

QR Reader for Android

QR Reader for Android is a free app that scans QR codes using the camera and it generates QR codes as well.

Quickmark QR Scanner icon

QuickMark QR Reader is a free app for iOS users that has some special features for Mac OS users including easy transfer.


QR Codes are a great way to save paper and to connect students with content, especially those in the Last Backpack Generation.

*The links above connect to multiple url lists created with fur.ly url shortener.


Make it Mobile: Download one of the QR scanner apps on YOUR phone or tablet and scan the QR code at the top of the post for a Quick Start Guide and more innovative ways to use QR codes in the classroom.

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  1. Writing a book right now that uses QR codes in Physical Education. Should be out this summer.

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