Procreate Pocket for Note Taking

Sep 23, 2015 by


ProcreatePocketI first learned about the Procreate app from a participant at one of my seminars who shared this Sketchnote with me.  Kinderland NotesNow, Procreate has a phone version called Procreate Pocket.  This is a great app for sketching, doodling, or note taking and displaying evidence of learning in a very creative way.  Procreate Pocket allows the user to select colors from a huge color palette and there are several different brush weights and styles to choose from.  Procreate Pocket even has a smudge tool along with an eraser. Users can add multiple layers to their designs as well.

Make it Mobile: After students learn about the life cycle of insects or plant life, give them a week to find examples of each cycle phase that they can sketch on the Procreate app on their mobile phone.  Students can even draw the phases on different layers so that they show the progression of the cycle.

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