Post it Plus

May 14, 2015 by

PostitPlusMany of us use Post-it notes daily when brainstorming independently or with others, jotting down to-dos, and when planning.  But when that thinking session is over, what do we do with those notes?  Sometimes we keep them on the table, wall or chart paper and sometimes we take them all down and just try and remember the work we had done.  Now there is Post-it Plus, a handy app that was produced by 3M, the creator of the Post-it note.  Take a picture of your brainstorming with the Post It Plus app and then let it do its magic.  Not only will your Post It brain transfer be saved but you can manipulate your Post-its in the app.  The Post-it Plus app will allow you to share with your team and send your notes to some of your other favorite productivity apps.

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