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Good Friday to Everyone!  As some of you know, the Last Backpack Twitter account had some technical issues almost as soon as we opened it.  Thankfully, those issues are resolved.  If a tweeter and interested in following, I would love to hear from you there.  Have a wonderful Friday!


Peek is a site I just found out about from a teacher and I love it.  You pick a destination (currently only in California and Hawaii but they hope to add more) and then book your idea of fun- food, adventure, relaxation, etc.  While the sight is not built for education, I think there are LOTS of ways to use it.  In fact, I would note that (like the Fast Food Calories app), these are exactly the type of resources we need to use in our classes because they are relevant to students.  Social studies teachers could use the site when studying certain areas, science teachers could use it when studying climates or topography (where could we go hiking, for example), visual arts teachers could use it for the photos, language arts teachers could use it to teach about persuasive writing (they are trying to sell you something), math teachers could use it for budgeting…. the list goes on and on.  Whether it just provides a hook to a lesson or if you dive into it fully, Peek is one of many sites that can be great learning resources for our students.

Make it Mobile:  Could you have your students plan a vacation on Peek the night before studying the California Gold Rush and then have them plan a “vacation” digitally using Popplet (or some other resource) after studying California at the time?

(And if you just want to use it to daydream, that is okay too.  It’s Friday, right?)

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