One Challenge and One Idea to Start the Year!

Aug 15, 2016 by

Hi Everyone!

For those who are starting school this week, welcome back and good luck this year!  One of the things we encourage you to do this year is think about one thing you can work on personally that will benefit you professionally.  Is it a willingness to try new things?  Is it an attitude change so that we are more positive everyday?  Is it taking care of our bodies more so we can set a good example for our students?  Is it being a more supportive colleague… or taking more time to mentor new teachers?

What are you going to work on this year?  The best thing about education is that each year we get a fresh start to try new things while being held accountable to ourselves and to our students (and they are watching!).  What areas can we improve on this year? What will you do differently this year to be the best you can be? Will you tell your students what your plan is so they can hold you accountable too?  It is risky, but maybe you can inspire them to be a better version of themselves too.

In the meantime, one great way to get to know your students is to have them take out their phones the first day of class and share their favorite photo on their device with their peers and with you.  Maybe it is a photo of their family, or friends, or a landscape from their summer vacation.  This activity is a great way to help students get to know each other while also helping you build relationships with them.  I do this with my classes and they really enjoy it.

Start the school year off strong! Last Backpack will resume regular posts on September 6th.

We look forward to a great 2016-2017 school year!


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