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UntitledNo Homophobes follows Twitter in real-time and updates how many times “homophobic” phrases are used daily, weekly, and all-time.  Regardless of your personal views or those of your students, I think we can all agree that hate language helps no one.  No Homophobes can be a really interesting indicator of how society talk about those in the LGBTQ community.  A fantastic site and so many uses.  I think this site could be incredibly powerful for students in multiple classes including Religion, Language Arts, Health, Social Studies, and Math.



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  1. I find this site not appropriate for educational use. In my opinion it would cause more problems than anything. How are people using this in the classroom?

    • Hi Susan,
      I agree that it may cause problems with the wrong audiences. However, many of our students are talking about this type of thing anyway (especially now) and with older, more mature students, this may be an interesting way to start a discussion on speech and how we use it. Depending on the class, you could even tie it to literature that offends others- the book Huck Finn comes to mind. Although the context is different, I wanted to introduce it because I feel it is such a powerful look (in real-time) at how we use language to hurt people (whether intentional or not). I understand not everyone will feel comfortable using it and it may not be appropriate for all audiences. Hope this helps- thanks for sharing your concerns!


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