Move It for Brain Breaks

Sep 6, 2016 by

Welcome to the new school year! I know that some of you have already started and some of you are starting today but, I want to start the year by thanking all of you for your dedication to shaping young minds!  As you get started with your students learning classroom routines, I thought that this might be a great tool to include.

MoveItExtensionMove It is a Chrome browser extension that gets you up and moving during the day. You control how often you want Move It to tell you to get up and Move It! The extension will take over your browser and display the activity to complete and the number of repetitions. Some activities are jumping jacks, running in place, toe touches, and simple stretching. Making sure your students get up and move around is a great way to help them sit still when they need to focus.  The power of movement cannot be underestimated in the classroom.  So get up and Move It!.

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