Motivational Posters

Sep 4, 2013 by

We have all seen the posters that have a picture and a motivational saying (e.g. these).  Here is one tool, AutoMotivator, that will allow you to make your own motivational posters specific to your class.  As you start the school year, perhaps you are still looking for ways to decorate the classroom or the locker room.  You can order the posters ($9.95 each) or just create them and screen-shot them as part of the lesson.  For example, you could create one for priming your class and introducing the next lesson or unit.  You could also have your students create one at the end of the unit with a image and a few words summarizing the unit.  A simple idea but in our world of sound bites (Twitter, FB, etc.), this may be an effective tool for learning.

One tip:  Make the photographs personal (students, players, yourself, your school, etc.)!


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