Most Viewed Monday Success: New Power vs Old Power

Jun 8, 2015 by

As we wrap up the school year, I hope all of you will take some time to reflect on your year and think about even one small change that you can make that will impact your students.  This week will be dedicated to the daily posts that you viewed the most throughout the school year.  Hopefully these will inspire you!  During the summer, Last Backpack will have weekly posts for those of you who are looking for tools and ideas.  Daily posts will resume again on August 24.

Top Monday Success

In this very powerful 15 minute TED talk, Jeremy Heimans describes the “shift in power” from old to new.  Old power is secretive, held by a few, and built largely on commands.   “New power is the deployment of mass participation and peer coordination to create change and shift outcomes.”  What does this mean for education?   Students and their peers can start a movement.  We have the power to make change happen!  More now than ever before, our students must be prepared for a mobile, rapidly changing world.  A world in which they can make a real difference by joining together with their peers and standing for what they believe in.  Are we preparing our students to think critically about what is current?  Are we teaching students to collaborate with their peers beyond the confines of their school walls or city boundaries?  Are students driving their education or being led?  Our students have the new power to change the world!  

Please watch this video- I’d love to hear your thoughts via Twitter- @lastbackpack.

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