Monday Success Story: Video for Repetition and Rhyming

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One of the most rewarding parts of working with teachers in different schools is when they share their successes.  So, every week on Monday I am going to try to share a classroom success story that started with teachers using technology.  PLEASE SHARE your stories of success in the classroom so other teachers are willing to take chances too!

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.  I had a wonderful day sharing ideas and working with teachers in different content areas to come up with new ways to engage students while using technology.  As many of you know, I am a big believer in the power of video and feel there are so many applications from hooking students, to introducing new content through video, to have them create videos to assess their learning.   After returning home, one of the teachers, Julie Garrett, e-mailed with the following success using video in her language arts class.  I have italicized the parts I think are most important to Julie’s story.  Thank you for sharing Julie!

“I asked the kids to teach us about rhyme and repetition.  It was a good one to start with because they all already know about rhyme and repetition.  I told them they could do anything they wanted, but I just had to be able to show it on the Promethean board.  They all chose videos.  Some were better than others, but the videos gave them a good starting place and they constructively critiqued each other’s videos pointing out what was good and what was bad.  Also, they LOVE to put bloopers at the end of their videos so that made it fun for them.  Next week, we’re going to make movies with other poetic devices that have to have multiple video clips edited together to form one teaching, cohesive movie.  We’ll see how it goes!

– Julie Garrett, Pizitz Middle School


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