Monday Success: Video in AP Psychology Classes

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Every week on Monday I am going to try to share a classroom success story of teachers using technology.  PLEASE SHARE your stories of success in the classroom so other teachers are willing to take chances too!  Today’s success is from Kathleen, a teacher at Bay-View Academy, who sent me the following e-mail:  
In an effort to make my students “teachers,” I recently assigned my AP Psychology students a Motivational Theory to present.  They were expected to work in groups.  I was excited to videotape them using my iPad and to see what they would come up with without any input on my part.  On the first day of presentations, I exuberantly taped three of the five groups.  My arm was starting to go numb from holding the iPad but I was committed!  I was planning on viewing the videos later that day for assessment, however, much to my surprise and disappointment, there were no files in the video collection to view.  When reviewing the steps to create a video, I found that I had forgotten to press the record button to start the process!  I was feeling quite dumb!  However, this was a lesson learned and on  the second day of presentations it worked great!
One of the components on my rubric included a section on Public Speaking and many of its important elements.  On one student’s rubric, I had written that her back was to the class for the majority of the time, she primarily read from the screen, and she did not project her voice.  After I returned their grades to them, she challenged the remarks I made to her in that section.  In what could have been a tense moment that occurs when a student challenges their grades, she had a good laugh when she viewed her performance and could see where she needed improvement.  The video allowed me  to have proof I never would have had otherwise.  I know the process of transition will be slow and often painstaking, but I am committed to trying my best to incorporate new methods to keep my students excited about education.
Fantastic job, Kathleen, and thank you for sharing.  I hope feeling has returned to your arm and I know I have made this mistake more than once!  More evidence of how powerful and important video can be in the classroom!  
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