Monday Success: Using Class Dojo, Remind 101, and Flubaroo for Productivity

Oct 21, 2013 by

For the rest of you, please share your stories!  I would love to feature you and your class on my blog too!

Today’s Monday Success is from Lily, a teacher in California who has been described as a “Rockstar” by her District’s IT Director.  Lily uses lots of tools to make her job easier and I thought it may be valuable to show how she implements three different tools to be more productive.  She shared these three tools with me as simple ways to use tech in the classroom. As usual, these are her words from an e-mail conversation we had recently.

Class Dojo: I use Class Dojo on a daily basis because I’ve customized behaviors to fit my population.  For instance, if students come into class quietly, they can earn a point.  Or, if they begin working immediately, they can earn a point.   I don’t tend to use the negative points because I’ve found those to be ineffective.   The students who would typically be marked with those negative points would not care and would continue the bad behavior or become more challenging.  The “random” feature is good for me to call on students to answer questions.  Whether the students answers correctly or incorrectly, I still give them 1 participation point.  At the beginning of the school year, if the entire class period gets 10 points, I print out the student invitation codes so each student can customize their Dojo monster to his/her liking.

Remind 101: I use Remind 101 weekly to remind students about upcoming exams or projects that are due.

Flubaroo: I develop quizzes on Google Forms at times and use the Flubaroo script to grade.  Built-in to Flubarro is also the tool that allows me to email the quiz score to each student with feedback.
Thank you, Lily, for sharing and keep that keep up the great work.   If you haven’t used these tools before, I strongly recommend them. They are easy-to-use, increase productivity, and can be very helpful to manage our time in the classroom.

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