Monday Success: Using an LMS in Class

Oct 12, 2015 by

This week’s Monday Success comes from Kyle Kline.

“I started using Edmodo in my Algebra I and Algebra II classes at the beginning of second semester. So far, the students have been very enthusiastic about it. I use Edmodo to post my daily schedule for each class. After class is over, I post the written notes for absent students to download. I also like to attach videos, Quizlet flash cards, links to LearnZillion videos, and other extras. I’ve started using the quiz feature to create short five-question Algebra I end-of-chapter assessment review problems for the students to practice on their own. The polling feature allows me to see how the students feel they understand any new material that I give them. Since the app is free, I let any of my students that have smartphones use them in class when necessary. I’ve introduced Edmodo to the other five members of my department, and four of them have also integrated it into their classes. I’m hoping to expand the use of Edmodo through the rest of the semester because of the success that the students, my colleagues, and I have had so far. It has been a great tool.

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