Monday Success: Thinglink in Geometry

Oct 13, 2014 by

The Monday Success Story this week comes from Curtis who is a math teacher in St. Louis, Missouri.  Curtis shared his experience with teaching proofs to his geometry students and explained how he changed the process so that the students were writing their explanations of algebraic proofs in paragraph form.  Students first accessed their iBook content and examples on Schoology, the learning management system.  Then, students wrote descriptions of how to solve the proof.   Following the writing, students took pictures of the paragraphs and uploaded them to Thinglink.  Once in Thinglink, the students referenced their iBook materials to include the corresponding postulate, theorem, or property.   After the students were done, they submitted their Thinglinks on Schoology so that Curtis could provide them with feedback.  Curtis shared this great example of a student’s work using interactive technology to provide evidence of learning and how he provided them with feedback targeted to gaps in knowledge.   This is a great example of how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning.  Thanks for sharing, Curtis!

Geometry Thinglink


Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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