Monday Success: The Inanimate Awards

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This week’s Monday Success is from Ms. Ward, a teacher in California who has the “Inanimate Awards” each year where students have to create videos using tools like Go Animate or Voki.  Ms. Ward teaches sociology to middle school students and had her students create videos about Nature vs. Nurture.  Here are her comments:

” The only criteria was it had to be a minimum of one minute and had to cover something about Nature vs. Nurture.  All students had to make one, they were allowed to consult with each other during the creation… however, the room was silent.  Best classroom management technique ever!!! (ZW Comment: This sounds a lot like an engaged classroom)  Actually, it was eerie to be in a room with 36 kids all working silently and wanting me to leave them alone.    The videos got better  the more they explored and some expanded to other sites that do similar things.  We showed all the videos in class.   After, we created The Inanimate Awards so I could honor the best work and give out awards like the Oscars do.”

Here are a few of the winners along with Ms. Ward’s comments:

Here is the winner of the inanimate award:
This one was the runner-up in the humor category:
This is from one of my best students.   Her video is just very basic but it did spark a discussion about creating just for a good grade and the usefulness of showing work to classmates.  She was mortified that I was actually showing all of them.  She did just enough because she didn’t believe I’d really show all the videos to class.  She even said that teachers often say they are going to share the work and then they don’t.

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