Monday Success: Thank you!

Jun 1, 2015 by

The Monday Success story this week comes from Olathe Public Schools.  I was honored to be able to go and spend three action packed, fun-filled days with this group of amazing educators.  Teachers who are willing and eager to step out of their comfort zone and learn new tools and strategies because that is what is best for their students are truly inspiring.  During our learning together, I encountered teachers who were near the beginning of their technology journey.  I was also fortunate to work with teachers who were more experienced but were still open to learning and trying new things as well as sharing their own instructional gems.

Here are some of my takeaways from my time in Olathe Public Schools.

  1. Everyone has funds of knowledge- access everything you can.
  2. Everyone can learn something new.
  3. Passion is inspiring.

Thank you to ALL of the dedicated educators who work so hard to be the very best teachers they can be!



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  1. Brenda Douglas

    I was fortunate enough to be among those who attended your presentation in Olathe. Thank you for the inspiration and confidence to jump in and try some new things!

  2. Janelle Stigall

    Thank you! I hope we get to learn from/with you again in Olathe! I have so many takeaways to look into this summer from your session. You do such a nice job of teaching the technology in a way that I will attempt to replicate in my classroom. You practice what research says within your presentation style. Not everyone does. Thank you!

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