Monday Success: Teaching Satire with Product Reviews

Feb 9, 2015 by

The Monday Success story this week comes from Laura Bradley who was recently featured for her contribution to a new book about technology in the classroom, Teachers Talking Tech.  Laura sent in her lesson for teaching satire to her students using actual products and satirical reviews, think “Flowbee.”  Laura hooks the students by having them watch infomercials and read satirical reviews on Amazon for products like “The Banana Slicer.”  When students get done laughing, they learn the elements of satire and then get the opportunity to write their own satirical review of real products.  Students are graded on their writing based on writing conventions and elements of satire as they try to write the funniest review.  Previously, Laura had students post on the class blog but has since adapted to meet the needs of her students and now has the students post their finished product on their own blog.  This is such a great way to teach students satire and is a fantastic example of authentic 21st Century learning.

Remember the brain loves laughter!

Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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