Monday Success: Teachers Talking Tech

Dec 15, 2014 by

This week’s Monday Success comes from one of our prior contributors, Laura Bradley.  Laura wrote in about getting a little crazy in the classroom when she let her students personalize their learning by teaching themselves how to code so that they could create a video game.  We also got some great insights on Student Choice from her blog post about how her students direct their learning in her English language arts class.

Cover of Teachers Talking TechI am happy to say that Laura is at it again.  She wrote in to let us know that she is one of nine teachers who are featured in a new book by Dave Saltman called Teachers Talking Tech.  Saltman interviewed nine teachers who were leading the way with technology and creating new educational opportunities for students.  In her interview, Laura talks about life in a 1:1 classroom, changes in teaching strategies, and using Twitter to collaborate, using Google Apps for Education and a whole lot more.

Teachers Talking Tech offers support and guidance to all teachers who are interested in doing more with technology in their classrooms but lack the time to follow blogs devoted to this subject.”  It is easy to see why Laura was chosen as one of the featured teachers for this book.  She is always willing to try something new if it will improve education for her students.

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