Monday Success: Student Thoughts on Blogging

Apr 21, 2014 by

The Monday Success story this week is from a conversation that I had with a colleague who recently attended a student panel at a technology conference.  The students on the panel were speaking about the changes in their education that stemmed from the technology their teacher was integrating.  One of the topics that the students all spoke of was the change in how writing is done now in class.  All of the students have blogs and freedom to write about topics that interest them.  The students still have to adhere to the writing conventions but the topics are much more flexible and can be things that the students are truly passionate about.  Students can express themselves through writing and demonstrate their creativity with the design of their blog.  All of the students on the panel indicated that the most important thing about blogging and publishing compared to writing to a prompt in a notebook was the authenticity of their audience.  One student even said, “I’m sorry but my teacher and my parents are not an authentic audience if I am writing about the things that are important to me.”  Giving students freedom to express themselves while learning is a great way to personalize and empower them.

Student voice and choice are so important as we educate The Last Backpack Generation.  Blogging is a great path for both!

The rest of this week the blog will highlight some tools that students and teachers can use to express themselves. 

Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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