Monday Success Story: Coders Speak

Apr 28, 2014 by

The Monday Success Story this week comes from Laura Bradley who was also quoted in this Monday Success Story.  Recently, Laura wrote me to share a conversation she had with a group of students who decided that they wanted to build a mobile game.   Laura allowed this genius in her classroom by trusting her students to go “beyond the rubric”.   The students researched and researched until they figured out how to code and then how to build their game.  Laura asked them about their thoughts on the path to building a game and was kind enough to share those thoughts with me.  Laura wrote that when she told the students she wanted to hear their story, one of the students smiled and said, “It is filled with failures.”   I love that.  The boys also mention the times that they had to Fail Better to Learn more.   

The short YouTube video below is the three students talking about some things they learned along the way.  You will note that all of the students have MacBooks which Laura’s class was awarded through a grant.  You may also notice that you don’t understand all of the coding language the students are using- I don’t either!  The point is that Laura trusted her students and allowed them to go outside of her funds of knowledge.  This is such a good example of what we should do as teachers and the power of using technology to encourage student’s interests.  Check out Laura’s blog here.  Thank you, Laura!



Please keep sharing your Success Stories!

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