Monday Success: Schools in Timor

Apr 6, 2015 by

I was recently privileged to visit a few schools in Timor.    The place certainly captured my heart.  Timor is one of the newest countries in the world and one of the schools I had the pleasure of visiting was the SOLS School.  SOLS Timor Leste is a school for young adults which has very little funding.  The students actually build the physical structure of the school themselves.  The school relies heavily on donations for equipment- including support for the computer lab shown below.  In the lab, students work on simple tech skills that will help them in the workplace.  The school and the students do not have a lot in terms of resources but they work hard and do the best they can with what they do have available for learning.  Are we doing the same thing in our classrooms?  Hopefully we can leverage the technology our students have just like these young Timorese are doing in their schools.  Such an amazing place and an amazing school!

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