Monday Success: Quill for Writing and Grammar

Apr 11, 2016 by

QuillQuill is a web-based tool for grammar instruction that was developed based on the instructional method of a college professor.  Quill has activities to help students with writing, proofreading, and grammar instruction. Teachers can assign these fun, engaging activities to students in groups using activity packs.  Standards-based activities are developed by breaking each standard down into 10-15 minute lessons so students can get a deep understanding of the content.  Teachers are also able to get data on how their students are doing with each lesson so that they know when they need to offer one-on-one support.

The creators of Quill developed the site based on the strategy of a college professor who wanted to provide personalized learning to every student.  Quill co-creators believe that every student learns through writing and should have personalized engaging activities to learn from.  The creators also believe in an open platform that allows teachers to contribute lessons and activities.  The Quill platform is a great tool with some great partners who believe in giving students fantastic learning opportunities.

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